10 signs you’ve found your perfect job

You might think that finding your dream job is impossible and only something to dream of. Having friends and family telling you about how their work culture is exhilarating and motivating, but you’re still struggling to get through the 9 to 5.

You have attended endless interviews and have finally gotten that job offer. But how do you know if it’s the perfect job for you? Is it the job you dreamed of as a kid?

We have listed 10 of the most common telltale signs that may very well indicate that you have landed the perfect job.

1. Room for Growth

Does the job offer you room for growth? And do you see yourself excelling in this company? Are there many growth opportunities? If so, then you might have found your perfect job. Many people don’t accept a job offer hoping to stay in the same position for over five years. Employees like to get promotions, salary increments, and new job titles. If your prospective company can offer you these forms of growth it is the first sign you have found the perfect job.

Your future career path doesn’t have to be clear or even straightforward, but it is crucial to know that you have the option to excel within the company.

2. The Company Culture Aligns with your own values and interests

If you are going to spend 40 plus hours a week working for your prospective company you are going to need to be okay with its environment, as there is power in your values aligning with the company’s culture.

Your personality will need to be aligned with the company’s work culture. Thus, if you’re all about casual dressing and the company allows this, or if you excel in a structured environment, and your job is all about structure, you’re in an ideal position.

3. Provides a perfect Work- Life balance

Any ‘dream’ job that affects your mental health, personal relationship, or work-life balance is a façade. Your perfect job allows you to succeed while giving yourself time for your social life, mental health, and overall life.

4. You Don’t Suffer from the Sunday Blues

If you do suffer from the Sunday Blues we have a blog that might help Sunday Blues? We have all been there. | Broadline Recruiters

Approximately 80% of employees dread Sunday evenings as they bring the realization that the weekend is over and that they have a 40-hour work week to face. But if you don’t suffer from the Sunday blues and find yourself setting up your work clothes and scheduling your weekly task, you definitely enjoy your job and that position suits you the best.

5. You Don’t Need Coffee Energy Anymore

That morning go to! If you don’t have to grab a coffee/energy drink to stay awake (just to enjoy its deliciousness), your job must be AMAZING! Also, if your energy comes to you naturally from being excited about your work, you’re in a perfect position.

6. You Can’t Stop Rambling About Work

For anyone that rambles on about their job can sometimes be annoying, especially if it’s in a negative way. However, if you find yourself rambling in a positive light, sharing stories about your work and workplace, this is an excellent sign that the job and work environment is right for you.

7. Clock Checking

There are two types of people at work when it comes to clock checking. Those that check the clock and think ‘is the clock broken? The hands haven’t moved’ and the employees that take a glance at the clock and wonder ‘Is it that time already?’ If you are the employee that barely notices the office clock and find yourself surprised at how quickly your day has gone, you can rest assure you love what you are doing.

8. Your Co-workers are your Friends

Work can mean so much more when you get along with your co-workers. Sure, you may get competitive and want to achieve more than them, but you are truly living the dream if you have true friendships with your work colleagues.

9. You’re excited about Projects and Tasks

Okay, okay. Busy work is no one’s favorite part of employment. Nonetheless, if you’re in your dream job, you don’t mind an occasional tedious task. You love what you do and undertake every mundane task with zeal and excitement.

10. Your Work is Appreciated

Whether it’s receiving amazing feedback from a customer/client, surpassing your targets, or just giving 110% to your role, getting recognition from your employer is essential for your confidence and morale. You have definitely landed your perfect dream job when your hard work and consistency is appreciated.

If you are able to check all 10 points on this list…….CONGRATULTIONS! You did it! You found your dream job! But if you haven’t found your dream job just yet and need help in the search for a temporary or a permanent position The Broadline Group is here to help. You can check out all the jobs we have available Broadline Group – Broadline Group and let us help you find that perfect job.