6 Question to consider when negotiating a salary increase

When it comes to asking for a salary increase you need to prepare carefully before putting your case forward, no matter how much you think you deserve a salary increase, as there is a chance you could end up in an awkward situation.

Here is a list of important questions you should ask yourself before approaching your manager when it comes to a salary increase.

1. What have you done to deserve a salary increase?

Look at previous accomplishment evaluations. Have you constantly met the objectives you were set? Has your level of responsibility or role changed in any way?

Have you gained new qualifications? There are all components that will contribute towards your manager’s final decision.

2. Are you going beyond expectations?

Being a hard worker is one thing but getting notice for the hard work you do is a different story. Have examples to show your dedication to both the company and clients.

Be sure to sell yourself but don’t over sell or exaggerate! This will only make you look less credible.

3. What will you do if your request is declined?

This is the most important question to consider when thinking of a salary increase. Do you want a salary increase because you deserve it, or because it will make an otherwise dreary job slightly more bearable?

The majority of people who only look for a salary increase to make their job more bearable end up leaving their job anyway within a few months of getting the pay rise.

However, if you are content in your position and prepared, for now, to take ‘no’ for an answer, then you know you are requesting a salary increase for the right reasons.

4. Are you prepared for more responsibility?

Like many roles an increase in salary can sometime lead to more responsibilities. You may be given the salary increase you request but only if you take on more responsibilities. Make sure you are prepared for the question are you willing to take on more work for more pay?

You may even like to consider bring the subject up yourself, doing this will most definitely emphasise your ambition.

5. How much more money do you want?

An easy question you would think but not necessarily. When it comes to money you need to be realistic. Almost if not everyone in every profession would like more money, so do your research beforehand. Don’t just pick a random figure that you like. Look up salary averages online in the area you work or search your job role on job websites.

6. What are your weaknesses?

Not something you’ll want to dwell on from the off but it’s a subject you should be prepared to discuss, and you definitely don’t want to be caught off guard if your manager brings up a past failure.

Have you learnt from your pasted mistakes? How would you do things differently if the past failing reappeared? Can you build on your weaker areas and if so, how? If you can, tie all this into your ambitions and end the discussion on a positive note.