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In its latest quarterly survey the National Recruitment Federation has reported a 14.69% increase in the number of agency workers in Ireland. The survey which polled Recruitment agencies across Ireland on the current state of their business and their predictions for the rest of 2012 found that agencies have had an excellent first 6 months and were extremely positive for the rest of the year. The increase brings the number of agency workers in Ireland to over 50,000 who are employed in both the private and public sector. Commenting National Recruitment Federation President Colin Donnery said

“These positive results continue the trend we have seen since the start of the downturn that organisations are continuing to utilize agency workers as an integral part of their labour force management. Agency workers are allowing both the private and public sector to make the most efficient use of their labour force during these uncertain times and show the essential role that Recruitment agencies are playing in Ireland’s economic recovery”.

Recruitment agencies were also asked to outline the trends within the permanent placement market and the survey showed that placements were up 5.5% for the first 6 months of the year, with the IT, Medical Device and Multilingual sectors showing the largest increases. Ironically the main issue the Industry reported in filling permanent vacancies was the lack of availability of suitable and qualified workers across all sectors , particularly the hi tech areas.  Surveyed on their projections for the rest of 2012 Recruitment agencies predicted an increase of 12.85% in revenues for the full year with continued growth expected in both temporary and permanent fee income. One of the main challenges going forward for agencies was found to be access to workers for short term contracts, “The government has got to make it easier for workers to take up temporary and contract positions so people can use these roles as a stepping stone into full time employment and escape the unemployment trap. The current system is putting barriers in the way of people taking up jobs, instead of incentivising them”. Donnery said.

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