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The secret to finding the right job for you is with a CV Magnet. In this current climate, competition for work is fierce and you need to make sure your CV will grab the attention of a prospective employer. Successful CV writing is a combination of the following


  • Visual appearance
  • Information & positioning
  • Effective content management.

To create a CV magnet you must consider the visual appearance of your CV, pay attention to information positioning and create content that is focused and markets you effectively. Your CV has a short window of opportunity to make an impact and this window reduces in a competitive job market. You must ensure that you put your best foot forward and grab the attention of the reader within this short space of time. Concentrating on these three components will catch the recruiter’s eye and deliver valuable interviews.

Visual Appearance

Quite simply this means that your CV is easy on the reader’s eye. Food experts say ‘we eat with our eyes’ and similar can be said about CV’s. Visual appearance can help your CV jump out from the pile of CV’s and say “read me”. There is nothing too complex here – white space, clear headings, bullet points, uniformity of font type and size. Effective visual appearance does not have to mean fancy font or colored paper. Keep things clean and simple.

Information Positioning

The CV layout/format can be the difference between getting an interview or not. A CV is a fluid document and should not be tied to a rigid layout. CV’s are similar to newspapers and the important headlines have to make the first page. Depending on the position your applying for you may want to show your reference’s on the first page, for another position have your hobbies & interests on the first page. Why? The front page of your CV should show the relevant information relating to the job you are applying for. Never leave it to chance that the reader will progress to the bottom of the page or the second page of your CV. More than likely they will have made a decision as to your suitability for interview before they get to the end of the first page.

Content & Focus

CV content is critical and without a doubt the most important aspect of CV writing. Unfortunately most job seekers fail with content. Be careful when writing a CV not to focus too much on information that you think is important. Look at the job your applying for and try and pick put of few points about the position / company and add them to your CV. Be sure to communicate your duties and responsibilities fully. If you have difficulty outlining duties and responsibilities then brainstorm with some friends or look up job descriptions of similar positions online, and don’t forget to back up your CV with facts, examples and achievements.


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