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Every day billions of people are on social media sites sharing ideas and thoughts on every imaginable topic. But did you know that a wide variety of people, organizations, businesses (big and small) local and international are also on social media sites? More and more companies are using social media as a way of recruiting new staff. Social media, including sites like Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, can help you find a job and connect with people who can assist you with growing your career. So get connected and make it work for you. Here are some top tips for Job hunting through Social Media.

Create an On-Line Presence

When you’re looking for a job or positioning yourself for career growth, it’s important to have an online presence where you can showcase your skills and experience and allow prospective employers to view your profile. Your online profiles will also help you connect with contacts who can expedite your job search and assist you with moving up the career ladder. Linked In is a great way of ‘selling’ yourself to potential clients. Linked In is geared towards professionals and many agencies and HR managers are using Linked In to head hunt new employees so make sure your profile reflects your resume, if you’re looking for a new job, you will want prospective employers to be able to review your credentials for employment, including your qualifications, your experience, and your skills.. Another great way to create a second Facebook account, one where employers won’t be able to see drunken pictures from last Saturday! Your second Facebook account can contain some nice pictures and general information about yourself. Think of is as an interactive cv. You can use this facebook account to connect with various business and companies on line and keep up to date current available jobs.

Do Be Careful What You Say

Be really careful what you tweet / post on your social media site if you are connecting with potential employers avoid bad mouthing other people or companies as you don’t know who might read it. Search Twitter for “#Ihatemyjob” and you will be amazed at what you will read. Remember that if you are connecting with business and companies they will be able to read any posts you put up, and you never know who will read it. If a potential employer sees this, then it may reflect negatively against you. Remember, everyone you meet is a potential employer.

Networking On Line

Do not under estimate the importance of networking. Networking is not just for people looking for a new job. It’s always a good idea to build your network as it will give an insight into what the current job market is like and jobs are available. Career networking should become a part of your daily work and career-related endeavors. Your career network will be in place for when you need it, both for job searching and for moving along the career ladder. Since you never know when you might need it, it makes sense to have an active career network, even if you don’t need it today. Follow career experts and talk to your contacts on Twitter or other networking sites. Join groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, post and join the discussion. Be engaged and proactive in your communications. By building a network in advance, you won’t have to scramble if you unexpectedly lose your job or decide it’s time to move on.  Include in your career network anyone who can assist you with a job search or career move. It can include past and present co-workers, bosses, friends with similar interests, colleagues from business associations, alumni from your university, and recruitment agencies.

You Get What You Give

Networking works both ways – the more you are willing to help someone else, the more likely they will be to help you. Take some time each week to reach out to your connections. Write a recommendation on Linked In, offer to introduce them to other connections, share an article or re-tweet a post. Giving to get really does work and your connections will be more likely to return the favour.

Don’t Connect With Everyone

There is a school of thought that says you should connect with everyone when you’re using social media. I don’t agree. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to connecting. The first question you should ask yourself when making connections is how can the person help me? There is no point in connecting with an agency that specialises with healthcare positions when you are working in hotel and catering? So be smart about who you connect with in your network and don’t forget the little people. That chef de partie you link with might one day be The Head Chef in 5* property.

Start Now

There’s no time like the present to start your social network and make social media work for work.  Connect with Broadline today on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, build your network and get active in the job market and stay connected.








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