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The folks over at LinkedIn identified and surveyed over 4000 jobseekers who viewed a job at a particular company on LinkedIn and then joined that company within three months to discover how those members were utilizing LinkedIn in their job search.

What they discovered was that most successful job seekers on LinkedIn are going one step further then simply searching, viewing, and applying for jobs on LinkedIn and put together the seven top tips to maximise your job search.


1. Add new skills to your profile. 91% of those surveyed listed five or more skills o their profile. Adding relevant skills to your profile makes it easier for potential employers to find you.

2. Follow companies who are of interest to you. 91% of participants said they used company pages for research. Company pages are a great source for the latest news and identifying new job opportunities.

3.  Add a professional profile photo. 89% use a photo to make themselves easily recognisable and to project a friendly and approachable image.

4. Regularly add connections. 87% said they added 10 or more connections. Expanding your network increases your viability and can help you get your foot in the door with new companies and exposes you to new job opportunities.

5. Join relevant industry groups. 82% of participants reported joining LinkedIn groups which they use for networking, asking questions and sourcing job openings advertised by fellow group participants.

6. Ask for skill endorsements. 81% reported having have 10 or more endorsements which are a great what of showcasing your skills to recruiters.

7. Broaden your potential horizons. 81% actively engage with content on LinkedIn and take the time to read through their news feed for the latest news and insights from thought leaders.

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