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January signals career change for many individuals – “New Year, New Career”. With the January blues sweeping across the nation, people are reviewing their careers, causing many professionals to reconsider their current job. Broadline Recruiters want to assist the New Year job seekers who are keen to use their re-born enthusiasm to further their careers. If you are unhappy or insecure in your job, then it makes sense to start actively looking to see if there are other better opportunities out there for you.

January is a perfect time to create a career action plan for the year ahead.  It will keep you focused on your career priorities, but before your start to send your CVs out randomly and abundantly, you need to consider a few key issues;

  • Be clear about what job you want and why;
  • Make sure that you have your resume clean, neat, accurate and most importantly up-to-date;
  • Have a clear understanding of what you are looking for in your new role.
  • Have a razor-sharp focus on what you want and why.
  • Think about your career goals.  What aspects of your career would you like to achieve, change or develop?
  • Be sure to consider carefully the role being offered and apply for a role that will leave you feeling motivated and rewarded.

Seek advice from an expert! Talk to one of our consultants who will meet with you and give advice on what positions are available to you to further your career.. It needs serious job-hunting rather than mere window-shopping to pull in job offers, and we can help you with the process. At Broadline Recruiters the road for the candidate to find the right position is made so much easier as our experienced recruiter know how to represent the candidate for a successful outcome. Our goal is connect people to jobs.

Broadline Recruiters Connecting People to Jobs
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